E-Learning - Simulation/Emulation
We provide simulations that will allow you to meet your training objectives when it is impracticable to train on live systems because units are unavailable for training purposes. This can be for any number of reasons, for example, because the environment is hazardous, there is no capacity on the live system or perhaps the system is not yet deployed. The i2d2 team has worked with prime contractors to produce induction training and pre-simulator training on several military vehicles including the G6 and M109 self propelled guns, the BMP-3 Infantry Fighting vehicle, CV9030 IFV and Tatra logistics vehicle. The e-learning includes conventional e-learning tutorials, 3D emulations of Line Replaceable Units (LRU) and comprehensive tests. Scenario-based simulations of back-office systems have also been developed for the Massey Ferguson dealership network, NCR and for train drivers working with the Swiss State Railways (SBB).